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Two of the sacred elements of life - FIRE AND WATER. 
The power of fire combined with the tranquility of water is spectacular.

 Whether you like the tranquil simplicity of a single elegant flame, the stunning effect of multiple flames or the breathtaking view of a wall of flame, we offer innovative fire fountains designed for daily use. Let us create your beautiful outdoor living experience. Call today for a free estimate. 

Flames emerge gracefully from water or erupt in a powerful display with our custom designed fire effects.    Fire effects can be integrated into your water feature, building, or any indoor or outdoor environment to cast a warm and inviting light or add a bold statement to enhance the atmosphere.

Our technical experience with customized controls allow us to have effects ranging from fireballs to long fire streams, as well as fire dancing on water, in conjunction with our use of fire pits, rings, and bars.  Electronic ignition systems are used for igniting, and accessories can include remote control ignition.  Lava rocks and fire rated colored glass are available as decorative elements for your custom designed fire effect.

Feel free to ask our fire effects designer about our innovative designs and safety measures that can be taken into consideration.  407-707-7662

Fire Bowls | Miami | Miami-Dade County

Fire Pits | Miami | Miami - Dade County

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